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Welcome to Bullpaws English Bulldogs / Bienvenue chez Bullpaws Bouledogues Anglais

We love our English Bulldogs! First and foremost we are Bulldog owners and breeding English bulldogs is our love and passion. Each English Bulldog puppy that leaves our house is loved and cherished and all our Bulldogs are family owned and none live in a kennel. For information on buying an English Bulldog please visit our puppy page at English Bulldog Puppies for sale


English Bulldog Studs

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Bulldog for Sale
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English Bulldog Stud Service is available, please contact us for more  information


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English Bulldog Garnet on Teletoon

Bullpaws Spyke in Walt Disney's Just Kidding with Zachary Fox

To make inquiries please contact us through our contact page

Another Just for Laughs filming
Watch for Bullpaws next season!

Bullpaws Gameplan and Garnet were on location
shooting for Just for Laughs
More pictures will follow after the show airs in September

English Bulldog Show

Dog Show Ontario

Ch Cherokee Bullpaws Jasper

Another Star is Born at Bullpaws, sired by Cherokee Bullpaws Jasper
Bullpaws Fido was born July 9th
He will appear an upcoming advertisement for Fido*


English Bulldog Bullpaws Fido will remain at Bullpaws, click here to see his photo shoot pictures

Chiots Bouledogue Anglais
Nous avons un groupe special de Bouledogues Anglais

C'est trois petit Bouledogue Anglais apparaitront dans une publiciter tele de la compagnie d'assurance Wawanesa se printemps

Page De chiots Wawanesa
Page des nos Choits Bouledogue Anglais Disponsible

Nous sommes entrain de changer notre site web en Francais, , si vous avez besoin de communiquer avec nous vous pouvez envoyer un courriel ou nous telephoner

Please note we are not associated with Just For Laughs, Disney, Zachary Fox, Fido and Wawanesa nor do we represent them nor intend to imply that we do

Bulldog Puppies for Sale

English Bulldog Puppies for sale

We have English Bulldog puppies available

Bullpaws sur la Tele
Bullpaws on TV

English Bulldog Puppies in The Wawanesa  Commercial

English Bulldogs at the Wawanesa Insurance Company Photo Shoot

Three English Bulldog Puppies sired by CH Cherokee Bullpaws Jasper appeared in the Wawanesa Insurance television commercial and web advertisement. If you would like to see more of these bulldog visit our Wawanesa Bulldog Page

Wawanesa English Bulldog television Commercial www.wawa.tv

Jasper English Bulldog puppies on the Wawanesa Insurance Television Commercial

Cherokee Bullpaws Jasper takes winners reserve

English Bulldog Show News

Jasper took winners reserve in twice!
English Bulldog Bullpaws Call Girl
takes home winners bitch!

Bullpaws Bulldogs Goes Green!
Bullpaws goes green
English Bulldog Pictures

Bullpaws is getting a new look!

Our new Web Site is coming

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