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Our English Bulldog Kennel


Our English Bulldog Kennel

First we had the land cleared approximately 100x100 feet for our kennel

First we had the land cleared approximately 100x100 feet

Cherokee Legend Heavensent Garnet inspects the job

Cherokee Legend Heavensent Garnet inspects the job

Gravel is purchased to smooth out the surface of our kennel

Gravel is brought in to even the surface

The cement is cut for our kennel around the borders

A border was cut two inches deep into the cement for drainage.


The kennel for our English Bulldogs comes from Georgia

The Kennel was fabricated and delivered from Georgia



Bullpaws English Bulldog Kennel

More Kennel Pictures coming soon


Our New Kennel for our English Bulldogs is under construction - Completion date is Early October 2008

The actual Kennel building was custom created for us by United Steel Buildings, the foundation is formed of concrete and steel with insulation under the slab. An extension of 30ft has been scheduled for summer of 2009

Electricity, water and sewage lines were dug 6 ft underground running over 100ft to the house. A telephone pole and above ground electricity lines are being run to a separate meter. The underground line will be hooked to an emergency backup generator in-case of power failures.

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Our English Bulldog Kennel

First few beams are put in place for the kennel roof

Late evening and the first pieces are assembled


The kennel roof starts to go up

The steel beam for the roof are starting to be assembled


The main beam assembly of the kennel is being installed, the center beam weight over 2000 lbs when attached. Some pieces weighing over 500 pounds.

Some roof pieces weight over 500 pounds, the main beam  assembly is over 2000 pounds

All the bolts for the kennel are being retightened to make sure we are ready to start the siding

Finishing up the kennel roof assembly

The last of steel girders for the kennel are assembled

A once over every bolt to make sure all is secure

Working hard!





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