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Our show schedule for 2011 is just starting, our new schedule shall be posted shortly. This year we will be focusing on 6 to 10 English Bulldogs and will be focusing on Canadian Shows. During show season website updates will be slower please bear with us.



The Making of an AKC Champion

Dog shows, or "conformation" events, are the signature events of the AKC. They concentrate on the distinctive features of purebred dogs and help to preserve these characteristics by providing a forum at which to evaluate breeding stock.

Exhibits are judged against individual breed standards, which have been established for the AKC-recognized breeds by their parent clubs. These written standards describe the ideal size, color, and temperament of each breed, as well as correct proportion, structure, and movement.
Most dogs in competition at conformation shows are competing for points toward their AKC championships.

It takes fifteen points, including two majors (wins of three, four or five points) awarded by at least three different judges, to become an American Kennel Club "Champion of Record.

The CKC requires more than ten points to become a Canadian Kennel Club "Champion of Record"

Show Results 2011
Petawawa Ontario
Bullpaws Bacardi - 1 Point
Bullpaws Zeus - 4 Points
Bacardi and Jada (owned by Melissa)
Bullpaws Zeus
Bullpaws Bacardi
2010 Coming soon
We attended so many show in 2010 it will take awhile to find all the wins, during 2010 Jasper finished his Championship
2009 Coming soon
April 2008 English Bulldog Show News
We have started our show route for the year with great success! More show results will be posted shortly, Andrew 2011

English Bulldog Bullpaws Bacardi (pictured below) won 2 majors her first weekend in the ring taking home a Best of Breed (BOB) and Winners Bitch. She also won Best Puppy! Way to go Bacardi.

Friday best of breed, thank you Judge Jack Ireland
Sundays Winners Bitch, thank you Judge Shirley Limoges


Bullpaws Bacardi was Born August 15th 2007 and is just 7 months old


Bullpaws Call Girl goes Winners Bitch November 2007

English Bulldog Bullpaws Call Girl November 2007


May 2008 English Bulldog Show News Coming Soon
June 2008 English Bulldog Show News Coming Soon



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