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Montreal Area Veterinarians


Veterinarians located in Montreal Quebec or surrounding areas

We can only provide recommendations for one  of the above Veterinarians at this time which is Dr Christian Lessard


We feel that this page of veterinarians needs immediate publications and acknowledgement.

Veterinarian experiences are rarely enjoyable for your self and your pet. We have tried many veterinarians in the Montreal area.

The list is as follows.

Dr Christian Lessard
Veterinarian du Lac Aylmer
This is the vet that cares more about the animal than his own personal gain

Dr Mario Gamache
A very skillful surgeon and qualified veterinarian

Dr Stock - Brossard Animal Hospital
After many considerations we have discontinued to use Dr. Angelina Stock and HRVS for anything animal related

We also recommend www.monvet.com in the Montreal area

We have visited many others but feel that a review wouldn't be appropriate at this time.

Warning: Be careful with your veterinarian, some know less about veterinary care and medicine than you yourselves, some will harm your animal and some will go as far as damaging your reputation or breeding program when found at fault.




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