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Finding and Good English Bulldog Breeder

Choosing an English Bulldog breeder is next to impossible!
I don't want to discourage anyone but finding an English Bulldog Breeder is next to impossible! Something about Breeders for this dog in particular make it so difficult! If you are looking for a puppy as a pet, you will need to know a few things about English Bulldogs long before you find a breeder or you will receive the puppy that the breeder wants to get rid of most, no matter how good he is at what he does!

Certain health problems with Bulldogs make it essential to find the right one. 99% of breeders are breeding for money, sure they love their dogs and some will house, feed and love their dogs more but maintaining a clean kennel and keeping the dogs in good health with regular exercise is what will determine a good breeder! Regular vet visits from a veterinarian instead of home care is a major factor.


Defining a miller or puppy mill

A puppy mill or miller is someone who cages animals till they are sold or discarded, several means of discarding a puppy are to grotesque to write here, usually these puppies receive minimal food or none for long periods of time

Defining a broker or a merchant of slaves

Someone who neither cares nor has morals of their own life, most often selling puppies to laboratories for testing,
or to the above mentioned puppy mills, most animals traveling through the broker system never see the outside of
a cage, and barely live past the age of 3

Some good questions to ask a breeder is......

When is the last time the puppy went to the vet....what was it for
When was the last time the parents went to the vet, before the breeding process started (some bulldog breeders will have only the females on hand, semen is bought from other breeders or from websites.
How many dogs they have, how long they have owned English Bulldogs or bred English Bulldogs
How did they learn about English Bulldogs


Who do we recommend?
We recommend some good books about English Bulldogs is a great place to start
We neither recommend nor endorse anyone

The BCA (Bulldog Club of America) is a good place to start, they have a breeder referral program that seems a good place to start.

And of course we recommend Bullpaws :)



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